Food Safety Manager Certification Training Course

Prepare for the Food Safety Manager Certification Exam

  • Self-Paced Online Food Manager Course, based on FDA Food Code
  • 50 Multiple-Choice Food Manager Practice Exam
  • Printable Study Material based on the course

Food Manager Certification Prep

The PrepSafety™ course is also available as a Combo package for $106 which includes one voucher for the NRFSP Food Manager Safety Exam at your local Pearson Vue Testing Center.

Food Manager Exam
Prep Course

Our Online Food Manager Prep course also provides printable study materials so that you can continue to study as long as needed for your Food Manager Exam.

Food Safety Manager Certification Exam Prep

NOTE to Exam Takers from Pearson Vue Testing Center:
As of May 19, 2020, some U.S.- and Canada-based Pearson VUE-owned test centers are open in certain areas, with limited availability and restrictions.
If you have any questions about scheduling an exam you must contact them directly at 888-687-1571, or visit their COVID-19 Information page for more details

$59 Course Only or $106 with Exam Voucher Enroll Now!

Our online food manager exam prep Training course is designed to help you prepare and pass your Food Safety Manager Exam and to obtain your Food Safety Manager Certification.

This course cover all the major topics related to safe food service and all the information you will need to pass this critical certification exam.

This online Food Manager Prep training course is based on the Food Code provided by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Although this course is designed to help prepare you for your certification exam, it is also intended to help guide you through the regulations of food safety, for which you, as a manager, are responsible. These guidelines are crucial to promoting a safe work environment for employees and a safe environment for your customers and their families.

This course does NOT currently meet the state requirements in Illinois or Ohio.

Food Manager Prep Course Features

Our online Food Manager Prep course is a HTML5 based interactive course with full audio narration and engaging real-world scenarios for the best user experience and information retention.

Our course is 5 hours in length, but is self-paced training so you can take the course at your own pace. Your course will be available to complete for 90 days from purchase. Once you create an account you can log in from any computer* and train anytime, anywhere.

We also provide printable study material for additional food manager exam prep.

The is a Mobile Friendly course and should work on your PC and Mobile devices, like iPhones or iPads.

Food Manager Practice Exam

After completed the course, there is a 50 multiple choice practice food manager exam. These questions are similar to the types of questions that are on the CFP/ANSI accredited Food Safety Manager exam. You will have unlimited attempts to take the practice exam until you pass it.

Printable Food Manager Exam Study Material

Each unit contains a review document with the key points for studying, click on the materials icon during any unit to access the review documents and print them out. It is highly recommended that you print out these review documents, as they are great study tools for the exam. In order to pass the Certified Food Safety Manager exam, you must have a strong knowledge of the information provided in this program.

You will also have access to these documents after you have completed your course. They will be available in the materials section of your account.

Food Manager Prep Course Outline

Our course covers all major topics that will be covered on the Food Safety Manager Certification Exam.

Our prep course consists of 11 units of study and a practice exam. Below is a detailed course outline of topics covered in the course.

Unit One - Food Safety Management

Topics in this Section:
Food Safety Management
Demonstration of Knowledge
Supervisory Duties
The FDA & Food Safety Laws
Health Inspection
Risk Items
The Inspection Process
Unit One Recap
Unit One Quiz

Unit Two - Foodborne Illness

Topics in this Section:
Foodborne Illness
Symptoms of Foodborne Illness
Food Contamination
Biological Contamination
High Risk Foods (TCS)
Physical & Chemical Contamination
Food Allergies
Unit Two Recap
Unit Two Quiz

Unit Three - Personal Health and Hygiene

Topics in this Section:
Glove Use
Clothing and Attire
Hair Restraints
Employee Illness
Work Restrictions & Exclusions
Unit Three Recap
Unit Three Quiz

Unit Four - Preventing Food Contamination

Topics in this Section:
Preventing Food Contamination
Sources of Contamination
Time and Temperature Abuse
Unit Four Recap
Unit Four Quiz

Unit Five - Cleaning & Sanitizing

Topics in this Section:
Cleaning & Sanitizing
Heat Sanitizing
Chemical Sanitizing
Chemical Sanitizing
Employee Training
Unit Five Recap
Unit Five Quiz

Unit Six - Food Purchasing & Receiving

Topics in this Section:
Purchasing Food
Food Quality
Received Food
Unit Six Recap
Unit Six Quiz

Unit Seven - Proper Food Storage

Topics in this Section:
Proper Food Storage
Cold Food Storage
Dry Goods & Canned Food Storage
Unit Seven Recap
Unit Seven Quiz

Unit Eight - Preparing & Holding Hot Foods

Topics in this Section:
Time and Temperature Control
High Risk Foods (TCS)
Thawing Frozen Foods
Preparing & Cooking Hot Foods
Cooling & Holding Hot Foods
Unit Eight Recap
Unit Eight Quiz

Unit Nine - Preparing & Holding Cold Foods

Topics in this Section:
Time and Temperature Control
Storing Cold Foods
General Holding Procedures
Off-Site Cold Holding
Unit Nine Recap
Unit Nine Quiz

Unit Ten - Facilities, Equipment, & Utensils

Topics in this Section:
Facilities, Equipment, & Utensils
Outdoor Areas
Plumbing, Sewage & Waste
Installing Equipment
Food Contact Surfaces
Cleaning & Sanitizing
Doing Laundry
Utensil Materials
Unit Ten Recap
Unit Ten Quiz

Unit Eleven - Pest Control, Emergency Management, & Training

Topics in this Section:
Pest Control
Eliminating Infestations
Proper Handling of Pesticides
Emergency Management Plan
Training Goals
Unit Eleven Recap
Unit Eleven Quiz

Practice Exam

50 multiple-choice practice questions

Prep Course & Food Safety Manager Exam Combo

We are pleased to offer a combo package for $106 that includes the online Food Manager Prep Course and a voucher code for the NRFSP* Food Manager Safety Exam at any Pearson Vue testing center to take your official Food Safety Manager Certification Exam.

*National Registry of Food Safety Professionals (NRFSP) Food Safety Manager Certification Examination is accredited by the American National Standards Institute under standards established by the Conference for Food Protection.

This course/voucher package does NOT currently meet the state requirements in Illinois or Ohio.

NRFSP Food Manager Certification Exam Voucher

The combo package price of $106 includes both the Food Manager Prep Course and a voucher code for 1 NRFSP Certification Exam. You can schedule your exam online at Pearson Vue Testing Center website.

To locate a testing center near you, call 888-687-1571 or visit Pearson and follow these steps:

  • Click on For Test Takers link at top of page.
  • SelectSchedule an Exam in the drop down menu.
  • Enter: NRFSP in the "Select Your Program" box
  • Select National Registry of Food Safety Professionals (NRFSP) from the drop down menu.
  • Click on Find a Test Center in menu on right side of the page.
  • Make sure you select the "International Certified Food Safety Manager (ICFSM)" exam as your voucher will only work with this exam.

For any questions regarding the Pearson Vue testing centers or scheduling an exam, you must contact Pearson Vue directly. If you have questions regarding your exam score or exam certificate, you will need to contact NRFSP.