ANSI Accredited Food Handler Training

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  • Valid In: Gila, Maricopa, Mohave, Pinal & Yavapai Counties
  • 1.5 hour, Self-Paced Online Course
  • Mobile Friendly Course!
  • Printable Official Food Handler Card - Valid 3 years

Food Handler Training Course - Arizona

We offer food handler training an ANSI accredited program in English. It takes about an hour & half to complete, there is a 40 question final exam, and you can immediately print your official food handler card.

Maricopa & Yavapai AZ
Food Handler Training

Our food handler safety course covers the importance of safe food handling and sanitation and is for anyone that works in food preparation, storage, or service.

ANSI Food Handler Training - Maricopa and Yavapai* Counties

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Mobile Friendly Course!

ANSI Accredited - 1267 - ASTME2659 Certificate Issuer

This ANSI accredited online food handler certificate course focuses on safe food preparation and handling techniques and is intended for anyone that works in food preparation, storage, or service.

The course content is based on the the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Code. Upon completion of the course, you can immediately print your food handler certificate and wallet card.

This Food Handler Safety Program was developed by Diversys Learning specifically for Food Handlers. This course is accredited by ANSI and is accepted by law in Gila, Maricopa, Mohave, Pinal, and Yavapai counties in Arizona.

Food Handler Safety Course - Learning Objectives

This food handler certificate course will teach you the importance of safe food handling as well as how to properly clean and sanitize your establishment.

This course consists of seven units of instruction with a test your knowledge quiz at the end of each unit. There is a 40 question multiple choice final exam which requires a passing score of 70%. Click on each unit button below to view the topics for the intended learning objectives in that unit.

Unit 1 - Introduction to Food Handling Safety

Importance of Proper Food Safety
Risk Factors of Foodborne Illness due to Food Preparation
Hazards Associated with Foodborne Illness
Key Definitions and Terms
Unit 1: Test Your Knowledge

Unit 2 - Personal Health and Hygiene

Importance of Hygiene and Proper Handwashing
Techniques for Effective Handwashing
Proper Clothing and Attire
Symptoms and Steps to Take When Employees may be Ill
Unit 2: Test Your Knowledge

Unit 3 - Time and Temperature Control for Safety (TCS) Foods

Definition of TCS Foods
Temperature Danger Zones
Proper Food Receiving and Storage Techniques
Unit 3: Test Your Knowledge

Unit 4 - Food Preparation

Proper Food Thawing and Safe Preparation Methods
Correct Cooking Temperatures and Times for Different Foods
Proper Food Holding Procedures
Proper Food Cooling Techniques
Correct Reheating Methods
Unit 4: Test Your Knowledge

Unit 5 - Cross Contamination

Importance of Cross Contamination
Appropriate Controls to Prevent Cross Contamination
Symptoms of a Food Allergy Reaction and Steps to Take
Common Foods that Cause Allergic Reactions
Unit 5: Test Your Knowledge

Unit 6 - Cleaning and Sanitizing

Proper Techniques for Cleaning and Sanitizing
Where and When to Clean and Sanitize
Proper Use of a 3-Compartment Sink
Unit 6: Test Your Knowledge

Unit 7 - Pest Control

Primary Pests that are a Source of Food Contamination
Indications of Pests and Actions to Take
How to Prevent Pests at your Establishment
Unit 7: Test Your Knowledge

Final Exam

40 Multiple Choice Questions
70% Passing Score Required

Food Handler Certification Card

Your food handler card is available to print or save immediately after you complete the course. It will be emailed to the email address on file and is also accessible by logging into your account.

Your printable certificate includes 3 parts: a Certificate of Completion, a wallet card, and a part for your employer to keep on file.

Your certificate is valid for 3 years from the date of completion in the state of Arizona.

Food Handler Safety - Arizona Recognized Training

This Food Handler Safety course is ANSI accredited and accepted in:

Gila County
- All food employees must obtain food service worker certificate within 30 days of hiring.
Maricopa County
- Food Employee Certificates are required for employment.
Mohave County
- Food Handler Cards are required within 30 days of employment.
Pinal County
- Food Handler Permits are required within 30 days of employment.
Yavapai County
- Food Worker Certificate Required within 30 days of employment.

For information on a county not listed above, please contact the county health department.

ANSI Food Handler Safety Course Accreditation

This Food Handler Training certificate program is accredited by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) against the ASTM E2659 standard. Our approval number is 1267. View Diversys Learning Inc's ANSI Accredited courses here.

For more information regarding this ANSI Certificate Program Policy: Click Here